Complete tool catalogue.

Tool numerical list

(Pages) Products :


(183)-Acid bottles
(147K)-Adaptator chucks with shanks for jewellers
(176)-Adhesives for case back and glasses
(208)-Alcool lamps
(103)-Automatic pin removers


(195)-Battery testers
(147L)-Beading blocks
(147L)-Beading tools (Page1)
(197)-Beading tools (Page 2)
(117)-Bench vices
(107)-Bench vices screwed to open and close watch cases.
(183)-Benzine cups
(208)-Blow torche
(188)-Boxes with elastic mambranes
(189)-Bracelet mesuring tools
(186)-Broken screw removers

  • Brushes :
    (169)-* BiA
    (168)-* Brushes for jewellers
    (165)-* for watchmakers (Page 1)
    (167)-* for watchmakers (Page 2)

    (175)-Buff protectors
    (147O)-Burs - acrylic
    (147N)-Burs (Florentine)

  • Burs - hard metal :
    (147G)-* assortments
    (147F)-* cone (square)
    (147F)-* cone (invertated)
    (147F)-* cylinder (square)
    (147F)-* cylinder (square cross)
    (147F)-* cylinder (square cross cut)
    (147F)-* round

    (147H)-Burs (finishing)
    (147H)-Burs (setting)
    (147I)-Burs (steel - sets)
    (147J)-Burs - steel, coarse execution

  • Burs - vanadium :
    (147D)-* bearing cutter
    (147C)-* bud
    (147D)-* cone (30º)
    (147D)-* cone (45º)
    (147C)-* cone (45º)
    (147D)-* cone (60º)
    (147D)-* cone (90º)
    (147C)-* cone (cross cut)
    (147C)-* cone (invertated)
    (147C)-* cone (pointed)
    (147B)-* cone (straight)
    (147C)-* cone (saw)
    (147B)-* cone twist
    (147C)-* cup
    (147D)-* cylinder (type R)
    (147B)-* cylinder (round)
    (147B)-* cylinder (square)
    (147B)-* cylinder (straight)
    (147B)-* cylinder (twist - No 29)
    (147B)-* cylinder (twist - No 36)
    (147D)-* flame
    (147C)-* hart bur (regular - 90º)
    (147C)-* hart bur (thin - 70º)
    (147D)-* knife edge saw
    (147D)-* "Krause"
    (147B)-* round (type 23)
    (147B)-* stone setting burs
    (147B)-* wheel
    (147D)-* wheel
    (147D)-* wheel (type K)
    (147D)-* wheel (type KK)
    (147D)-* wheel (type RR)
    (147D)-* wheel (type Y)

    (147O)-Burs - vanadium-carbide
    (147N)-Burs - wax


    (105)-Case openers (Page 1)
    (106)-Case openers (Page 2)
    (101)-Casing cushions
    (114)-Chain cutters
    (177)-"Clean' Star" (Page 1)
    (179)-"Clean' Star" (Page 2)
    (107)-Closing watch cases presses (Page 1)
    (108)-Closing watch cases presses (Page 2)
    (115)-Crystal lifters
    (115)-Crystal lifting Presses (Page 1)
    (116)-Crystal lifting Presses (Page 2)
    (143)-Cutting broaches (page 1)
    (145)-Cutting broaches (page 2)
    (144)-Cutting broaches (page 3)


    (198)-Dapping pushes (Page 1)
    (199)-Dapping pushes (Page 2)
    (206)-Diamond scales
    (206)-Diamond and moissanite testers
    (209)-Desoldering wicks
    (147M)Diamond bonded tools
    (201)-Diamond paper
    (201)-Diamond paper boxes
    (183)-Diamond stone wash cups
    (198)-Doming blocks
    (147E)-Drills Hardened steel (Vanadium)
    (147F)-Drills for jewellers (Page 1)
    (147N)-Drills for jewellers (Page 2)
    (147E)-Drill diamant
    (147E)-Drills for pearls
    (142)-Drilling tools
    (187)-Dust covers and traies (Page 1)
    (188)-Dust covers and traies (Page 2)
    (181)-Dust blowers


    (175)-Emery papers
    (175)-Emery sticks
    (204)-Enlarging ring tools
    (135)-Eyeglass holders

  • Eyeglasses and loupes:
    (136)-* "Ary"
    (137)-* "Triplet"
    (134)-* collapsible
    (138)-* engravers (for)
    (135)-* eyeglasses 10-12-15 x
    (137)-* jewellers (for)
    (138)-* key ring (with)
    (137)-* manifying table
    (135)-* ordinary
    (135)-* for optical
    (137)-* thread counters


    (211)-Files (Page 1)
    (212)-Files (Page 2)
    (177)-Finger stalls
    (147N)-Florentine burs


    (203)-Gauges for stones

    Gloves :
    (179)-* for jewellers
    (178)-* to solder
    (179)-* for watchmakers
    (178)-Pouder free gloves

    (160)-Greases (Page 1)
    (161)-Greases (Page 2)


    (167)-Hand cleaning brushes
    (173)-Hammers (Page 1)
    (174)-Hammers (Page 2)
    (165)-Hand brushes (Page 1)
    (167)-Hand brushes (Page 2)
    (111)-Hand removers
    (110)-Hand removers "Presto"
    (109)-Hand setting tools
    (170)-Handles (Page 1)
    (171)-Handles (Page 2)
    (198)-Horn anvils


    (207)-Isolating paste


    (186)-Jewellery Shield
    (202)-Jewellery tool sets


    (134)-Keys for screw-on tubes
    (134)-Keys for pushers


    (175)-Leather buffs
    (184)-Liminous paste
    (203)-Line gauges
    (185)-Lubicating wax


    (133)-Mainsprings winders
    (147K)Mandrels HP
    (147N)-Margin rollers
    (147N)-Millgrains wheels
    (204)-Mini leathes (tools for)
    (208)-Mini torches
    (118)-Movement holders (Page 1)
    (119)-Movement holders (Page 2)
    (115)-Multi use presses


    (160)-Oil and greases (Page 1)
    (161)-Oil and greases (Page 2)
    (162)-Oilers (Page 1)
    (163)-Oilers (Page 2)
    (162)-Oilers automatic "Bergeon".
    (164)-Oil stands
    (138)-"Optivisor / optivisor type".


    (201)-Papers (for jewelry)
    (201)-Paper boxes
    (183)-Pearl cleaning boxes
    (187)-Pearl traies (Page 1)
    (188)-Pearl traies (Page 2)
    (102)-Pin remover tools (Page 1)
    (103)-Pin remover tools (Page 2)
    (104)-Pin remover tools (Page 3)

  • Pin tongs :
    (140)-* brass drilling
    (140)-* broaches (for)
    (139)-* doble ends
    (142)-* econonmical
    (141)-* jewellers (for)
    (142)-* jewellery drills
    (140)-* long
    (140)-* long with brass handles
    (140)-* long with rubber handles
    (139)-* sliding locking
    (139)-* with square heads

    (140)-Pivot cutting broaches
    (141)-Pin vices for jewellers
    (148)-Plastic pouches
    (188)-Plastic division traies

  • Pliers and bases :
    (150)-* "Eufor" and "Budget" type table
    (152)-* "Budget"
    (151)-* "Eufor"
    (157)-* Bases
    (103)-* for bracelet pins (Page 1)
    (153)-* for bracelet pins (Page 2)
    (107)-* for closing watch cases
    (157)-* for crucibles
    (156)-* cutting "Budget"
    (155)-* cutting "Eufor"
    (155)-* cutting soft wires
    (155)-* cutting tungsten ends
    (154)-* for hairsprings
    (158)-* for jewellers
    (153)-* knotching
    (149)-* "Mini"
    (156)-* ring cutters
    (157)-* ring holders
    (157)-* prong notching pliers

    (180)-Polishing products
    (109)-Press for setting watch hands
    (111)-Presto (Type)
    (176)-Protection for watches


    (194)-Quartz movement testers (Page 1)
    (195)-Quartz movement testers (Page 2)


    (207)-Reagent for precious metals
    (203)-Ring gauges
    (203)-Ring sticks
    (191)-Riveting stakes
    (192)-Roller removers


    (159)-Saw blades
    (147K)-Saws (jewelers)
    (159)-Saw frames
    (205)-Scales (weights)
    (206)-Scales (Electronic)
    (114)-Scalpels blades

  • Screwdrivers :
    (130)-* "Allen" (Said)
    (127)-* "Budget" en assortiments
    (131)-* "Philips" (types)
    (127)-* "Star"
    (128)-* on base
    (127)-* economical with spare blades
    (132)-* for optic
    (138)-* key rings
    (132)-* for trimmers
    (129)-* Special
    (130)-* with tube
    (128)-* in wooden boxes

    (147L)-Setting closure
    (190)-Sliding calipers
    (146)-Smooting broaches
    (106)-Snap watch case openers
    (209)-Soldering paste and wires
    (124)-Soldering tweezers (Page 1)
    (125)-Soldering tweezers (Page 2)
    (187)-Sorting traies (Page 1)
    (188)-Sorting traies (Page 2)
    (208)-Spirit lamps
    (154)-Sprue cutters
    (191)-Stacking tools
    (104)-Stand to unscrew threaded bars
    (203)-Stone calipers
    (200)-Supports for jewellers


    (207)-* "Thermo Gel"
    (210)-Third hands

  • Tools :
    (133)-* for closing watch barrels
    (134)-* for regulating balances screws
    (102)-* for removing bracelet pins (Page 1)
    (103)-* for removing bracelet pins (Page 2)
    (104)-* for removing bracelet pins (Page 3)
    (129)-* for Rlx osc. weight axels
    (134)-* for screw-on tubes
    (194)-* for testing watch automatic systems

  • Traies :
    (188)-* with divisions
    (187)-* sorting traies
    (188)-* for stones
    (187)-* for watch parts

    (192)-Truing calipers

  • Tweezers :
    (121)-* Current types (drawings)
    (123)-* "Budget"
    (122)-* "Dumont"
    (122)-* "Horoswiss"
    (125)-* with plastified ends (Page 1)
    (126)-* with plastified ends (Page 2)
    (124)-* For rings
    (126)-* with shovels
    (124)-* for soldering (Page 1)
    (125)-* for soldering (Page 2)
    (126)-* for stones
    (124)-* wooden for pearls


  • Vices :
    (107)-* for closing watch cases
    (108)-* for opening waterprrof cases "Bergeon"
    (107)-* for watch band screws
    (120)-* for jewellers
    (107)-* for watchmakers (Page 1)
    (127)-* for watchmakers (Page 2)
    (117)-* for watchmakers "Bergeon"

    (186)-"Vissin" products


    (114)-Wax carvers
    (104)-Watch band holders
    (193)-Waterproof testers
    (170)-Wooden handles (Page 1)
    (171)-Wooden handles (Pasge 2)
    (200)-Wooden pegs
    (199)-Wooden dapping puch sets